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Argent Institutional Trust Company, formerly TMI Trust Co (TMI), is a Florida based trust company with additional locations to serve the trust and agency needs of the corporate and public finance markets, family offices, IRAs, church and nonprofits, and other specialty services.

Argent Institutional Trust Company (AITC) provides a full spectrum of traditional trust, escrow, and loan agency services for debt capital markets transactions, M&A, project finance, direct lending, leasing, default/workout, and the broad range of associated collateral. We also offer a range of fiduciary and tax accounting services for family offices and investment partnerships spanning asset and interest custody, valuations, income allocations, unit purchase/sale processing, partnership accounting across pro rata, layered and aggregate allocation structures.

In addition, AITC serves as custodian for thousands of Individual Retirement Accounts for investors in traditional assets like mutual funds, money market accounts and other marketable securities, as well as alternative assets such as privately held company stock, church bonds, and real estate.

Our specialty services include performing as trustee, registrar, paying agent, and loan agent on more than half of all the faith-based bonds and pooled loan programs in the US. We also provide advisory services to faith organizations drawing upon our extensive history in this market which we supplement through Argent Solutions, LLC.

Steven B. Eason
Chief Executive Officer

Argent Institutional Trust Company

Our Dedicated Commitment to Clients

AITC has a strong desire to be your trust company of choice by actively listening to, learning about, and then partnering with you to provide the best value proposition for your trust and administration needs. Our experienced staff is empowered to act with exceptional accountability and will maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity. We will employ our sound fiduciary practices, as well as our investment in state-of-the-art technology, to insure your relationship interests with us are safe and secure. At AITC, we have a close-knit and effective teamwork spirit which allows us to efficiently communicate innovative solutions that will exceed your expectations. Our expertise in the conveyance of key information, both accurately and timely, will demonstrate our respect for your valuable time and assets.

Upon succession by current leadership in 2002, the church was financially overextended.  The 2008 economic crash greatly affected our church.  We decided to be proactive in contacting our first mortgage trustee to work through these difficult issues. Mark Young and team worked diligently and willingly met with my church leadership to honestly and directly discuss issues while both parties worked to come up with a resolution that benefited all. Today, by God’s grace, our church is flourishing and has risen to meet the challenges before us.

Pastor John Belser, First Baptist Church of Melrose Park, IL

It is so comforting to be getting accurate, concise, information about important things.  When you are educated and well informed, it comes across as “confidence” and what agent and/or investor does not want to hear that? Your staff is a “notch above” in that you have hired more of the quality like those who have been with TMI for a LONG time. Sure makes going to work a lot more enjoyable when you have a crew that knows very well how to help you right the ship

Trish , Financial Adviser

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